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Doubleclick Exchange

DoubleClick Exchange is one of the leading and largest exchange with a class A license in Seychelles. All our Branches are located in a prime strategic location in Seychelles. We have 6 Branches in Mahe, 2 in Praslin and 1 branch in Ladigue.

We are also partnered with the world’s largest two fund transfer agents, namely Western Union and RIA. These highly reputed organizations are Reliable, Convenient and safe for sending money Remittances.

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Amazon Betting is Seychelles premier betting company offering various types of sports betting and similar products.
Our primary focus is on all international sporting events. To be able to play one must be in Seychelles as a tourist or resident.

Located at the heart of Victoria we offer our customers various options for placing bets. These include placing bets at the retail store, online and telephone betting. For more details see the "how to bet" section on help.

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Breeze seychelles

Breeze Garden

We would like to provide you with an enriching dining experience at our establishment. Even though we specialize in seafood dishes we also offer a wide delicious range of meat items to suit your fancy. Our seafood items are sourced fresh locally and caught in the vast sea area of Seychelles.

Our sister company also operates 4 longline fishing vessels which specialize in catching Tuna, Swordfish and similar species according to sustainable and ethical fishing techniques. This is why we proudly offer you a range of Tuna and Swordfish dishes.

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